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The Problem


How would you feel if your video advertising was run alongside an Isis propaganda video?  What about racking up thousands upon thousands of irrelevant consumer views and spending a lot of money for the displeasure? Have you thought about poor consumer engagement and frustration with your video and what damage that is doing to your brand?


These are very real and prevalent problems when it comes to video advertising online.


The Solution


Our first product will be developed to work in partner with large databases to make sure your content aligns with relevant video content and will deliver targeted campaigns to the relevant consumers whilst offering businesses detailed live transparent analytics and reports to vastly improve ROI on all campaigns.


Who Is It For


Our services are for companies with online video content who need to target their key consumers more efficiently and not run the risk of their content appearing alongside irrelevant and sometimes illegal content.


ATM Tech is a video advertising platform concentrating solely on online qualitative targeted views that will lead to happier user engagement and greater return on investment on all video marketing.


Unlike other platforms we will firstly be able to protect your content from aligning with irrelevant or even illegal content, provide  higher quality of targeted views with detailed, transparent live analytics and reports, and increase user enjoyment with your content to protect and positively promote your brand.




Our Team

The team at ATM Tech already has great calibre behind it, from a wealth of knowledge in advertising and branded content all the way through to high end experience in design and development of various different online and app technologies. In this early stage it is not required to expand the team yet but with investment ATM Tech will build a team with vast experience and the right work ethos that this new exciting company will practice.

Alexei Taylor-Maughan


CEO & Founder

Alexei has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands such as Google, Samsung and Bose producing branded content and adverts, winning awards in the process. He has helped brands better strategize their online campaigns and it is through this that he is searching for the solution to current problems.

Nona Creative


Tech design & development

Nona Creative is an ambitious digital studio with clients on five different continents who include people like Saatchi & Saatchi. Nona Creative have been working with Alexei and know his vision inside out and believe in what can be achieved in changing the world of digital video advertising.


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